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October 17th

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NEUROKULT can be described as a child of REZ and Polara mixed with a fast-paced Bejeweled. The gameplay-mechanic is perfectly adapted to touch devices. NEUROKULT comes with sixteen varying stages and delivers a unique challenging experience that forces players to adapt and improve their reactions constantly. It is free of any further In App Purchases. In NEUROKULT the player tries to hack into an uncharted neurospace by surviving 16 stages of intrusion before being fully connected. In each stage the player tries to prevent waves of colored orbs crossing the screen by touching them. The tricky part is, that the player must actively switch between color-schemes to match and remove same-colored orbs. Passing orbs damage the players energy until the point where the intrusion failed and the game is lost. Energy can be restored through combos by connecting several orbs of the same color with a slide. Progressing towards full virtual immersion the player faces variations on the main theme with each stage changing some rules of the game or introducing deadly bombs or bosses.


In the beginning, Neurokult was a prototype containing the core gameplay and was created as an emergency plan after several letdowns by publishers while searching for funding potential game-projects. The plan was to try it on our own account and create a diverting arcade game in the vein of super hexagon within a realizable scope. The game quickly evolved to a project where we could collaborate as friends without external boundaries and express our ideas and bias in terms of graphic and sonic art as well as technical implementation, gameplay and -mechanics. We are proud of the result and think that Neurokult not only matches our initial ideas, but exceeds our expectations of what we thought would be possible to realize with no financial support.


  • Fast-paced audio-visual gameplay.
  • Sixteen varying stages to learn and master.
  • Five nerve-racking boss fights.
  • Five cinematic storyline panels.
  • Tailor-made minimal electronic soundtrack by mekoor.
  • Unlockable hardcore endless mode.
  • Gamecenter achievements and leaderboards.
  • No further In App Purchases. This game is about your skills, not your wallet.
  • Exclusive for iOS devices.


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Awards & Recognition

    Neurokult has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "The game really is a masterpiece. (Average score 9.0)"
        - Rhain Radford-Burns, TouchTapPlay
      • "Neurokult's fantastic riff on the match-three genre will have your neurones fizzing. (5 out of 5)"
        - James Gilmour, AppSpy
      • "It is, in short, pretty damn good."
        - Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer
      • "Nice job creating a really polished and thoughtfully designed game that is impressively coherent to its theme."
        - An indicade juror,
      • "Particularly excellent job with the audio -- it really syncs up with the world and game to deepen the experience."
        - An indicade juror,
      • "And then the level throws a TON of dots with a bunch of different colors PLUS bombs at you. It is really just overwhelming..."
        - Another indicade juror,

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      About Woodland Barbarians

      Woodland Barbarians is an independent game studio located in Hamburg (Germany). The studio was founded in 2013 by Bernhard Mies, Peter Wood and Joerg Doneit with the goal to create games and services by bringing together what belongs together: friendship, dreams and craftsmanship. We love the idea of creating innovative and significant games and want to participate in the new wave of independent game development. We like to connect with other creatives and gamers to explore new approaches to gaming…

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      Neurokult Credits

      Peter Wood

      Joerg Doneit

      Bernhard Mies


      Bjoern Weirup
      Effect Design

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks