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The game

NEUROKULT is an arcade touch ’em up that requires quick reactions and intuition.
The thrilling and absorbing gameplay constantly challenges
your ability to stay focused and act instinctively.

The game, set in a cyberpunk universe,
comes with handcrafted effects and
a unique tailor-made minimal electronic soundtrack made by mekoor
which result in an immersive audio-visual journey.

You are a voyager immerging into an uncharted neurospace.
On your journey you are confronted with defense mechanisms, neurobombs
and nerve-racking boss battles that vary in every stage.
The constantly changing patterns and gameplay variations
force you to adapt your strategy and improve your reactions permanently.


Turn your metaverse device into an altar of neurokult

Hamburg sprawl


Woodland Barbarians is an independent game studio
located in Hamburg (Germany).
The studio was founded in 2013 by
Bernhard Mies, Peter Wood and Joerg Doneit
with the goal to create games and services
by bringing together what belongs together:

friendship, dreams and craftsmanship.

We love the idea of creating
innovative and significant games and want
to participate in the new wave of independent game development.
We like to connect with other creatives and gamers
to explore new approaches to gaming…